SFDKC member Bob Burnett has exciting news:


MBISS AM-CAN CH SOUVENIR OF WAGSMORE, ML was awarded a Register of Merit Outstanding in 2012. A “ROMO” is an award given to Dachshunds that have produced outstanding get.


For males such an award is given to those that have a minimum of 20 Champions and four qualitative wins. (Qualitative wins include, a Best of Variety or Breed at a Dachshund specialty, a Hound Group First, an Award of Merit at the National Show, and a few other significant wins.)

Souven, a Miniature Longhair Dachshund, is only the fifth Miniature to have achieved such an award. Miniature Dachshunds have smaller litters and, therefore, have a more difficult time achieving a ROMO.

Souven congratulates his daughter, “Revvie,” BISS CH Kaycees Galewinns All Revved Up, MLD, who completed her ROMO in May 2013, at the Dachshund National. We like to say “Like Father, Like Daughter!”

Owners: Bob & Jean Burnett
Breeders and Co-owners: Jeff & Karyn Dionne, Wagsmore Miniature Dachshunds

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